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Dec 08, 2022 - Today we share a transcription of our one-on-one with the CEO and CFO of DigitalOcean (NYSE:DOCN).
Sep 16, 2022 - Global-e continues to see strength.
Sep 03, 2022 - A reader should leave this dossier with a strong understanding of recent economic data as it pertains to inflation in the United States.
Aug 17, 2022 - Stocks fell and Fed minutes read more dovish than hawkish according to some market observers. Retail sales excluding automobiles came in higher than expected while the MBA Mortgage Market Index is now near a 25-year low.
Aug 16, 2022 - Stocks mixed and crude oil fell. Home buyers are backing out of deals at a record pace, while housing starts and building permits dropped below estimates and multi-month lows.
Aug 15, 2022 - Stocks rose even as alarmingly bad economic data from China was revealed. Business activity declined sharply in NY with it's second largest monthly drop ever and home builder sentiment came in well below estimates.
Aug 12, 2022 - Stocks rose, import and export prices fell more than estimates, and consumer expectations of inflation are dropping.
Aug 11, 2022 - Stocks were mixed. The producers' side of CPI, called PPI and Core PPI, came in well below estimates with headline PPI showing its first month over month decline in over two years. Consumer borrowing jumped its second most ever as rising prices are funded by debt. Rents, too, are stubbornly high.
Aug 10, 2022 - Stocks rose sharply as inflation readings came in lower than estimates with CPI growing 0% (unchanged) month-over-month, the lowest reading since COVID, and Core CPI rose the smallest amount since March of this year.
Aug 09, 2022 - Stocks dropped but consumer expectations for inflation dropped too, in a welcomed sign for the Fed. Home inventory rose at a record pace and e-commerce prices dropped for the first time in more than 2-years.
Aug 07, 2022 - Stocks were mixed with little conviction in either direction. Four economic data points will help shape the narrative when, on Wednesday, July CPI and Core CPI numbers come out. 
Aug 05, 2022 - Stocks were mixed again while small-mid cap tech rose. Non-farm payrolls came in much higher than estimates as did hourly average wages, pushing expectations of a 75 basis point Fed hike higher s signs of cooling wage inflation are non-existent. 
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