Stock Returns: MGIC Investment Corporation (NYSE:MTG) is Beating Flagstar Bancorp Inc (NYSE:FBC)

Stock Prices as of Publication:
FBC: $25.74
MTG: $11.23

This is a snapshot to compare the stock returns for Flagstar Bancorp Inc (NYSE:FBC) versus MGIC Investment Corporation (NYSE:MTG) .
The stock return points we compare look at the last three-months, six-months and twelve-months. At the end of this snapshot dossier we also look at a side-by-side comparison of revenue through time.

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Both Flagstar Bancorp Inc and MGIC Investment Corporation fall in the Banks sector and the closest match we could find as a proxy is Financials ETF (XLF).

FBC     Current Price     $25.74
MTG     Current Price     $11.23

FBC     3-Month Return     -9.84%
MTG     3-Month Return     26.18%

FBC     6-Month Return     -6.64%
MTG     6-Month Return     53.63%

FBC     12-Month Return     40.27%
MTG     12-Month Return     75.2%

FBC     52 Week Range     [$17.901, $29.29]
MTG     52 Week Range     [$5.36, $11.24]

We can see that MGIC Investment Corporation has superior returns to Flagstar Bancorp Inc across all three of the time periods we have examined.
* MGIC Investment Corporation has a positive three-month return while Flagstar Bancorp Inc is in fact negative.
* MGIC Investment Corporation has a positive six-month return while Flagstar Bancorp Inc is in fact negative.
* Both Flagstar Bancorp Inc and MGIC Investment Corporation have positive returns over the last 12-months but MTG has outperformed FBC.

Flagstar Bancorp Inc (NYSE:FBC) has generated $818 million in revenue in the last year while MGIC Investment Corporation (NYSE:MTG) has generated $1.06 billion in revenue in the last year.

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